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Redhorse Corporation

Redhorse Corporation is the holding company of the group, established in 2011 and registered in Cayman Islands. In 2012, Redhorse Corporation acquired Red Horse Corporation Co., Ltd. in Japan. In the same year, Redhorse Corporation set up a subsidiary in China at Beijing, in order to extend its good travel service to China.

Besides being the holding company, Redhorse Corporation serves as a management company of all its subsidiaries. It analyses the subsidiary' s business status and develops their business strategy. Redhorse Corporation aims to be a Global Entrepreneur, recruit talented staff from different regions, expand its business and spread its values to the whole of Asia.
Redhorse Traveler (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Redhorse Traveler (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd was established in October 2012, with a business model that very well suits the local market and consumer behaviour. We provide our products and services to customers through travel agencies in Guangzhou. Through extensive corporation of the travel agencies, we aim to enhance the consumer awareness of our high quality products.
Redhorse Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

In China, there are more than 6,000 Exhibitions and Events every year. As one of the biggest commercial cities, Shanghai has over 50% of the sales the Events Industry, especially tourism related events. These events involve travel agencies, suppliers, retailers and general customers. We take it as a great platform to promote and sell its products and services and find potential business partners and customers.
Red Horse Corporation Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Red Horse Corporation Co., Ltd. (Japan) was established in 1964. Seizing the opportunity created by the market trends, we started sales and delivery service of 'Oversea Souvenirs'. With the motto 'Convey the good memories of overseas travel to the receiver along with a small message from the sender', we developed this unique service with focus on customer convenience. We developed a new business model, which are fundamentally sales of “Gift & Souvenir” products and which shall be extended to private label products.
Redhorse Trading (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Redhorse Trading (Beijing) Co., Ltd is the second subsidiary set up in China. With the change in China Tourism Law enforced on 1st Oct 2013, travel agencies shall no more be able to change tour itinerary during the trip or force shopping on tourists. We believe that this is the best time to implement the Japan Business Model in China and hence set up our Beijing office in September 2012. We have also adapted the business model to local business culture and are working directly with tour guides so as to bring our products to the customers more effectively.