Greeting from the Company

Redhorse Group Co. Ltd. centers on convenient and unique business, which are "souvenir catalog business" and "hometown tax business", and unremittingly develop its business. Since the Company's core subsidiary - Redhorse Corporation Co., Ltd. was established in 1964, which was the timing that Japan opened for outbound traveling, it has been 55 years. The Company has grown and developed with Japanese tourism industry together, and created the largest market share in industry. In addition, the Company has led industry by utilizing its business assets (including sales network, business flow, logistics, customer service) and stepped into hometown tax business in 2014.

The group concept of the Company is to achieve win-win between customers' benefits and company development through the complete of "group creative power", we believe that this is the correct operating and managing philosophy. Furthermore, in order to achieve the goal which is becoming Asian international company capable with operating locations in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, we will continue new challenges in the future.

Our Motto
We run our business by endeavoring to make our clients prosper and expand their businesses.

Our Code

  1. We demonstrate our creativities.
  2. We acquire the consciousness of proprietors.
  3. We implement mutual understanding and support each other.
  4. We make every effort to take the initiative, set a good example and act swiftly at all time.
  5. We treasure our clients with sincerity and a smile.