Greeting from the Company

"Redhorse Corporation aims to make the travel experience of its customers the best it can through its unique and convenient peripheral travel services, such as souvenir sales through catalogs. Since merging with Japan's number one souvenir catalog sales company Red Horse Corporation Co., Ltd. in 2009, it has formed a new group, and has been working to expand its travel business.

Red Horse Corporation Co., Ltd., the core company of our group, was founded in 1964 when restrictions on international travel were lifted in Japan. In the 50 years since then, we have kept pace with the expansion of Japan's travel industry. Our current core business is domestic souvenir catalog sales. We provide food and souvenirs from around the world, and travel goods through retailers, online shops, and public-private partnerships.

At Red Horse Corporation Co., Ltd., providing products that strike a cord with travel customers comes with polite customer service, which is a priority. As a result, we receive the patronage of more than 600,000 customers every year, and have achieved the top share in Japan's souvenir catalog sales market.

In order to put this experience and knowledge to use and expand our unique business model around the world, our group entered the Chinese market in 2012. In order to attract customers from the explosively growing Chinese travel market, we have established offices in Beijing and are working every day to localize and expand Traveler operations.

For global expansion centered in Asia, we have established our headquarters in Hong Kong. Our group aims to become a global company based primarily in Asia, focused on Hong Kong, China, Japan, and Taiwan with peripheral travel services as our keyword, and we will continue working toward that goal."

Our Motto
We run our business by endeavoring to make our clients prosper and expand their businesses.

Our Code

  1. We demonstrate our creativities.
  2. We acquire the consciousness of proprietors.
  3. We implement mutual understanding and support each other.
  4. We make every effort to take the initiative, set a good example and act swiftly at all time.
  5. We treasure our clients with sincerity and a smile.